Clash of Clan new update TH12 is comeing

TH12 Update Proposal

Town hall 12 has possibly been LEAKED.

so as we all konw it has vbeen over a year and a half since TH12 has been released in the December 2017 update in Clash of Clan.

The next update is the TH 12, if what would it bring to COC.

As all dedefenses except air aweeper and traps now have its own upgradable levle in TH 11,it seems like Clash of Clan is getting ready to have TH 12 launched soon.
Supercell still working on the  new update (Air defense and the 25 new walls),else heroes, defenses and walls are maxed.

Personally I hope that TH 12 and the level 12 walls utilities would offer another level of game play,something that can bring back now excitements and break open new way to attack and defend. I think the worst thing that the could happen is a new TH 12 with just new upgradable, troops and new defense.
Any way what do you expect if TH 12 is being released soon?
What are the limits of what a TH 12 could offer to the game play?

Creted by : Ritwik Mondal

Clash of Clan new update TH12 is comeing Clash of Clan new update TH12 is comeing Reviewed by Ritwik Mondal on November 23, 2017 Rating: 5

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