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IGI : Full from is "Iam Going On".

This game is Stealth Action and this is Single Player game.

Release Date is : 15th December 2000

IGI in has 14 Missions.

   1. Trainyard.

   2. SAM Base.

   3. GOD.

   4. Millitary Airbase.

   5. Radar Base.

   6. GET Priboi.

   7. RS-Supply.

   8. Missile Trainyard.

   9. Defend Priboi.

 10. Border Crossing.

 11. Eagls News I.

 12. Eagle News II.

 13. Finding The Bomb.

 14. Nuclear Infiltration.

Hi friends this game is high quality graphycs game and this game is very Addication game.

Upon release the game garnered mixed reviews deu to a numbers of shortcomings such as poorly programmed artificial intelligence lack of a mid game saveoption and the lack of  multiplayer features. However it was praised for its superb sound design and graphics thanks in parts to its use of a proprietary game engine that was previously used in innerloops .

The graphics overall very goog. When you stand next to an object you can use, you will see an icon light up at the bottom of the screen.The vast outdoor environments really steal the show in project IGI.

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Created by : Ritwik Mondal
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