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Super Mario

Super Mario Developers :- Nintendo EAD & Nintendo EPD 
This game is First release date is 13th September , 1985

and Last release date is 27th October , 2017

The super mario games follow Marios adventures typically in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom with Mario as the Player character. He is usually joined by his brother, and occasionally by other members of the mario cast. The first title in the series, Super Mario Bros , released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

The super mario series is part of the greater mario franchise. The includes othe video games genres as well as media such as film , printed media and merchandise. Over 310 million copies of games in the super mario series have been sold worldwide, as of September 2015, making it the best selling video game.

This game is availabale in all play service and mobile , play station ands ios stations . 

Thia is very Popular game in the worlds.

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