How to Get / Earn Bitcoins.

How to Get / Earn Bitcoins
1. Micro Earnings.
2. Writing about Bitcoin.
3. Supply Bitcoin-related services.
4. Bitcoin Lending.
5. Mine Bitcoins.
6. Gambling.
7. Bitcoin Trading.
8. Bitcoin affiliate Marketing.
9. Open a faucet / rotator.
10. Play Games to Earn Bitcoins.

Bitcoins market cap dominance shrank to 38.2%, as Bitcoin recovered a bit at the beginning of the new year, to just below $14,000. Immediately digital assets saw very active pumps. The up and coming projects, Ripple, IOTA, Cardano and several others were inching up again.

A bunch of cryptocurrencies, including ethereum and  litecoin, have imitated bitcoins trajectory and racked up gains ranging from 4,000% to 1,325% respectively. Besides the inherent dynamics of cryptocurrencies and other factors are at work in raising their Prices.

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  2. In case, you don't know anyone who posses bitcoins, you don't have anything to sell to exchange for bitcoins, there's a way to buy bitcoins.


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